As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.
- Amy Poehler

Mike Gorgone

UX Architect / User Research & Strategy



I'm always open to learning about exciting UX opportunities so feel free to contact me.

My Story

I love designing engaging digital experiences for people. I thrive at a company that fosters a supportive, collaborative and creative culture that values everyone’s point of view when solving problems.

Even with 20+ years in the software industry, the last 5+ in User Experience, I’m always learning. I am endlessly fascinated by the UX process and how research and strategy (when done right) can make a project soar.

Why I went into UX...

To be a part of a collaborative, supportive and creative team.

To create and build things that help people be better at whatever it is they’re trying to do.

To be a thought leader and strategic planner.

To bring the two worlds of UX and Improvisation

My UX Skills Journey from Present to Past

Thought Leadership

User Research and Strategy

Site Analysis, IA, Wireframing, HTML Prototyping

Web UI Development


Have you ever wondered how Improvisation and User Experience are connected? Well now you can discover how Improvisation helps support and teach skills that help make YOU a better UX practioner.

Check out the ImprovUX blog for posts that are informative, entertaining and get you wanting to participate in exercises that are fun AND educational.

I've had the good fortune of presenting the ImprovUX workshop at the following conferences and UX groups.

UX Groups

  • IXDA Atlanta
  • Ladies that UX Atlanta
  • amUX Atlanta

Recent Work
Its important to feel good about your work, here are some projects that do just that.

EY Atlas - Browse View

UX Researcher/Architect. Our team implemented a re-working of the existing Atlas browse view's IA, Taxonomy and UI.

The rest of the story...

EY Digital Audit Close Report

UX Researcher/Architect for the intitial research and design work for the Digital Audit Close Report content management system.

The rest of the story...

EY Atlas - Document Insights

UX Architect. Part of the team that picked up the existing design work for the Document Insights application AFTER it had already been coded and was in testing.

The rest of the story...

EY Audit Insights

UX Architect working to create an additional piece of functionality for the Global Digital Group's "Canvas Dashboard" application.

The rest of the story...

Cox Automotive Serebro Mobile App

UX Architect. Our team implemented a re-working of the existing Serbro mobile App's IA, IxD and visual design.

The rest of the story...

Cox Automotive EOC - IT Scorecard App

UX Architect. Our team implemented the responsive framework design for the new application.

The rest of the story...

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